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The rune of the Spiritual Warrior: Dagaz

dagazbFor the Spiritual Warrior, Dagaz is the bright warmth of the sun as it breaks through the final barriers, illuminating the true inner self. Breakthrough speaks of prosperity. Of being able to break through that which held you back from your personal forward progression. Dagaz is also representative of the light of God.


Dagaz is aligned with the Day. In the light of day all is revealed. It is when the light pierces the darkness that the searcher’s path is illuminated. The Latin Phrase “Carpe Diem” (seize the day) is an excellent comment on how Dagaz energy should be used. Each day is a new beginning, each morning a new start. Using each day to it’s maximum potential is part of the message of Dagaz.


Bluntly, you may not understand why you are being pulled in a certain direction, only that you know, deep in your heart that you need to go there. Dagaz encourages you to let go and follow the call and see where the path goes. There are turns in the path, so of course the final result cannot be seen – but it can be dreamed!


Dagaz – Breakthrough

Dagaz is a member of Tyr’s Aett

Key Word(s)

Breakthrough, day, daylight, transformation, prosperity.


Dagaz is aligned with both the elements of air and fire. Remember, without air fire can’t burn. Fire, through its transmutive properties changes the very chemical composition of the air.

Zodiac Sign

Dagaz is aligned with the powerful and energetic, fiery sign of Leo.

Tarot Link

Here Temperance stares out at us reminding us to still be wary where we walk. To look ahead and be temperate in our actions is the message of the tarot card of Temperance.


Dagaz is aligned with the color blue.


Dagaz, with it’s energy of forward momentum and positive force is aligned with male or masculine energy.

Healing Property

Dagaz allows the light of healing to enter into the darkness of emotional pains. Dagaz helps to relieve fear, distress and problems of nervousness. When dealing with the arena of psychological disorders, Dagaz’s healing light is well placed.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Dagaz is related to the modern consonant D.

Special Runic Associations

Dagaz is the final Rune in the Cycle of Initiation. This is the culmination of the path begun with Ansuz (Signals/Messenger Rune). Now the breakthrough has occurred and your journey forward continues. It is no misnomer that this Runic Cycle of Initiation is called a Cycle. When we complete the cycle and break through to our new future, we are also breaking through to a new dimension within ourselves.

Dagaz talks about the movement of being released from a quagmire. The sudden release of energies may well propel you forward in an unsteady stumble. Keep your balance, use your instincts, and embark on the new process you have chosen.

rune-block--DagazDagaz also tells us of the movement and breakthrough in ways of thinking or being. It only takes a second to change someone for a lifetime. That applies to ourselves too. High ideals are normally associated with Dagaz. You are strengthened with your ambition and desire to achieve a higher goal (whether it be emotional, spiritual or physical). It is in the light of day that we do a lot of the work that makes our dreams happen. Dagaz challenges you to achieve, grow and break through the the barriers of the past to embrace the new future you have designed.

Dagaz may be here to tell you that all the effort and work you have put into a project (physical) or effort (spiritual) is coming to fruition. You may not be able to see the end of the line, but at least you know that the light you see is true daylight…not the light of an on-coming freight train! Success is soon to be realized as long as you cling to your path.

Breaking through brings change to both the inner and outer self. If Dagaz has appeared in your casting be sure to look at the Runes which fall near it…they can give you more information as to what aspect of your life Dagaz is getting ready to bring into the light. Remember that spiritual enlightenment is also a way of bringing light into your life.