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The rune Associated with the Horse Ehwaz

ehwazbEhwaz is directly connected with the horse. The importance of the horse on man’s culture cannot be overstated. In the Bronze Age artifacts of great beauty were created. One of these is a beautiful piece of artwork in which a horse draws the Chariot of the Sun across the sky. Movement is the message here. Whether or not it will be a bumpy ride is up to us to decide. But movement on some level is in store.

Ehwaz’s message is one of acceptance of the growth you have already achieved. Ehwaz reminds us that after proper reflection upon the lessons of the past (both recent and far) we can turn forward with a lighter heart and stronger determination. If we work with the energy Ehwaz grants we can accept the movement with grace and equanimity.

When this rune appears in your casting pay particular attention to any neighboring runes to gain further insight as to where Ehwaz is exerting the power of movement. Ehwaz strongly influences those runes that fall close to it. Wherever it lands, Ehwaz is guaranteed to indicate movement. It is up to us as to whether the movement is forward advancement or if we loose ground and move backward.

Ehwaz – Movement

Ehwaz is a member of Tyr’s Aett

Key Word(s)

Movement is the keyword, along with defense and progress that are affiliated with Ehwaz. A special note should be made that the sun was one of the first celestial bodies, along with the moon, of which their progress through the heavens was tracked. That’s how the zodiac was developed.


Ehwaz is associated with the element of the air. Most of the movement suggested by Ehwaz is personal, hence the element of the higher self is present.

Planetary Line

The Planet Mercury is strongly linked with communication. Remember that through communication movement can take place. (Haven’t you ever made reservations? You had communication before movement.)

Tarot Link

The Tarot link here seems a little strange, but The Lovers are the link associated Ehwaz. One has to look to the forces of attraction and repulsion.


Ehwaz is the color of the empty canvas, the blank field of snow before the movement of animals and man draw lines on the landscape, the white of possibilities.


Ehwaz is considered to carry both male and female energy.

Healing Property

When healing we move away from that which hurts us towards that which heals us. Whether it be emotional healing or regarding the eyes, Ehwaz does have healing potential within its simple lines.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Ehwaz’s importance the importance of movement is aligned with the modern vowel E. It is interesting to note that Elizabeth I would go “on progress” within her kingdom. Moving from town to town, home of nobility to castles of her own (but wiley Elizabeth was usually smart enough to make someone else pay for her progresses), this extraordinary woman used movement to help control her nobles and her finances. This strong monarch well understood the power of Ehwaz

Special Runic Associations

Ehwaz is Laguz mirrored upon itself. Ehwaz is found in the Emotional Healing Runic Grouping.

Ehwaz with its relationship to the horse is considered by some to indicate movement in the world of the hard sciences. It may indicate an interest, or a rune-block-Ehwaznew appreciation of a scientific process. Ehwaz can be poking at you to get your stuff together and get moving on that project before you miss the
opportunity. Remember that the study of nature is also considered a science!

Ehwaz is also a rune of awareness. In order for you to appreciate the change that is occurring around you, you have to be aware. To be aware you have to know yourself. To know yourself you have to accept the changes within yourself and your personal movement as you walk your life path. Ehwaz’s movement is the movement toward the higher self. Accept the path even if the
stairs seem steep, you will accomplish them.

Movement happens all the time. At a molecular level, electrons move and jostle in continuous motion. They never rest, spinning, circling, exchanging, bonding. Movement carries us with it whether we choose it to or not. Ehwaz is telling us to use our own internal moral compass as a guide to move us forward on our path to self-knowledge and growth…in growth there is movement.

Ehwaz’s transitory meaning is heightened when looked at in the context of movement. By movement we change from one form or place into another. Our mental state is the same. Are we allowing movement in our thoughts or are we blocking our own advancement because we’re not open to a direction other than what we personally want.