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The rune of Possessions Fehu

fehubFehu is directly related to physical possessions. Most of us are familiar with the tales of the great warriors who took to ships with dragons on the prow and sails of striped red and white. What we tend to forget in all the warrior discussions of these industrious folk, is that the Viking were also farmers and herders of cattle. Not all Norsemen went a-Viking. At one time a Viking with a herd of cattle was valued even more than a Viking with a ship to go a-Viking in.

Fehu reminds us that comfort is not a bad thing. If we’ve worked for it and earned it honestly, we can justifiably relax and enjoy our just rewards. Fehu reminds us that we need to ensure that we have consolidated the gains we have achieved ere we loose them through neglect.

Linked to the ox, and by extension the cow, Fehu speaks of nourishment. Nourishment can be for the physical body (as in the milk of the cow), but it also can be an emotional nourishment (as in the milk of human kindness). Normally portending a time of good fortune and positive energy flow, Fehu challenges you to live up to the moment.

Fehu – Possessions

Fehu belongs to the Aett aligned with Freyr

Key Word(s)

Cattle, prosperity, possessions, and nourishment are all keywords for focused meditation when working with Fehu’s energy.


Fehu is aligned with the elements of Fire and Earth and has a special affiliation with the Full Moon.

Zodiac Sign

With it’s obvious alignment with cattle, mighty Taurus from the Zodiac steps into the world of Runes indicating a strong foundation and desire for material comfort.

Tarot Link

Fehu reminds us of her transformational properties by her alignment with the Tarot card of The Tower.


Fehu is aligned with the color red.


Fehu is considered a feminine polarity. Receptive in nature Fehu reminds us to receive as well as give.

Healing Property

Those suffering from chest and/or respiratory problems would benefit from Fehu’s energy.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Fehu is aligned with the modern alphabet letters of F or V.

Special Runic Associations

Fehu’s importance is highlighted in it’s being included in three of the four Runic Groupings. Lending it’s energy to Physical Healing, Protection, and Financial Help, Fehu’s strength is the power of the self becoming truly aware, although actual awareness has yet to be achieved.

Fehu is considered by modern Rune Masters to be the “love rune.” Actually it is one of numerous Runes who share this distinction. If Fehu has turned up rune-block-Fehuin your spread today, make sure to look at the love relationships (which need not have anything to do with romantic love) in your life to see if more attention is needed. Fehu reminds you to make time for the important things in life – those people that mean so much to you.

When you see this rune you are being challenged to determine whether or not the balance you create in your life is the balance you want to have. Are your actions truly taking you towards the happiness you feel you deserve? Are you intentionally stopping yourself from achieving the goals you set? In the song, “Southernn Cross”, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young sang “we never failed to fail, it was the easiest thing to do.” Fehu is asking you to look within yourself to see if you are setting yourself up for failures because for some failure is easier to accept than achievement.

Joy is a treasured state to achieve. However, it is easy to drown oneself in joyfulness and forget that there is trouble in the world. One who drowns themselves in joyfulness doesn’t allow the signals of the world to be seen, and in a short while the bubble they protect themselves with is burst and everything crashes in around them! Fehu reminds us to take joy in the moment while we look to the future with our eyes open and honest intent in our heart. When Fehu appears, celebrate. Your life as is may not be all sunshine and roses, but there sure is a cup of nectar to sip from if you look for it.