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The rune of many meanings and messages Gebo

gebobGebo appearing in your cast today has many meanings and messages. Be sure to consider the meaning on the rune with direct understanding of the initial question. Gebo’s message is always important, so be sure to interpret it in the context of the question posed. However, it should be noted that one of the modern nicknames for Gebo is “the love rune.”


Gebo is the Rune of Partnerships — of all types. Most people think either business or romantic when it comes to partnerships, but there are partnerships of all types. Although called “supply and demand” the modern economy actually works on the partnership of the seller and the buyer. There is a partnership between friends who walk together. There is partnership between parent and child, sibling to sibling, friend to friend, husband and wife; honestly, just about everywhere one looks there is partnership. In nature an example of partnership is the bees and flowers. The bees fly from flower to flower collecting the bees’ food to take back to the hive. The flower’s pollen becomes a hitchhiker on the bees as they fly from blossom to blossom, ensuring pollination and another generation of the flower to bloom.


Gebo – Partnership

Gebo is part of Freyr’s Aett

Key Word(s)

The keywords associated with Gebo are: gift and partnership. Gebo is also called “The Love Rune.”


Gebo is associated with the element of air (the higher self), and the element of water (the element of emotions).

Zodiac Sign

When drawn properly, Gebo can also represent perfect balance. Never upside down, right or left, the marking appears the same from whatever aspect it is viewed. This ultimate balance is shown with its association with the Sign of ultimate balance in the Zodiac – Libra.

Tarot Link

Gebo is most closely associated with the tarot card of The Lovers. Look at Gebo! It’s the universal sign for a kiss! “X”


Royal blue, a color of intensity that lends itself well to be blended with other colors, is the color associated with Gebo.


Gebo polarity is both masculine (as indicated by the 4 “points” reaching outward) and feminine (as indicated by the 4 “V’s” pointing inward).

Healing Property

The healing property that Gebo has the strongest energy flow with is that of cleansing toxic poisoning. (Remember that a poisoning is the extreme of a negative partnership – the poison in partnership with the workings of your body – works to make you sick or worse.)

Modern Letter Counterpart

Gebo is most closely linked with our modern letter “G.” Some of the Christian Faith interpret Gebo to be the link of partnership with God.

Special Runic Associations

Gebo has many associations. As mentioned above, it is considered a love rune. Gebo also has specific associations with emotional healing, physical healing, and financial help.

Gebo carries caution with it also. In order to be functional in a relationship (of whatever type) you have to be able to stand on your own. Kahlil Gibran’s rune-block-Gebobook, The Prophet, gives a great description “let there be spaces in your togetherness.” Those spaces are the fresh air and sunlight that can come into your inner self and the relationship, feeding both with the promise of the future.

Gebo is also associated with being a good luck charm for organizations that are serving their fellow man. It normally indicates a period of increased activity and the potential of new contracts and forward advancement for the cause. By its very form, Gebo cannot appear “reversed” or up-side down. Whichever way it falls in a cast, it is always in its positive aspect. That doesn’t mean you can’t “screw up” what’s coming…it is just saying that there’s positive energy coming your way. What you do with it, how you use it and incorporate it into the self to strengthen the partnership, is up to you!

Gebo is the Rune that speaks strongly of the flow of energy of the Devine. Gebo may be asking you to give to someone who is truly needed at this time. Conversely, if it is your situation that is in need of assistance, when Gebo the Rune of Partnership shows up in your casting you can trust that the help you need is on the way. Gebo speaks strongly of the flow of boundless energy to which each of us is connected in the cosmic partnership to which we are all a part. Gebo reminds us that if we do our part and remain connected to the flow, the cosmos joins us in ourselves and our partnerships, strengthening the one to solidify the other.