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The rune of Flow of Water Laguz

laguzbLaguz is the flow of water. Water moves from the mountain rivulet to the brook, stream, to the lake, outflows to the creek, which passes to the river, and ultimately out to the oceans. Water flows, fluid, adjusting it’s course to the path of least resistance. Learning the meaning of “going with the flow” is what Laguz challenges you to do.

When riding white water rapids you are placed in one of the ultimate “go with the flow” positions. If you don’t read the water right and use the force of the flow of the water to your advantage, you can be lost in the waves. Capsized you flounder, gasping as the flow pushes you under. Remember you are the master of your craft. Your guidance on the prow or paddle is what directs your craft, your life, forward.

Laguz reminds us we need to connect with the energies around us and use their flow to our advantage. Just as the white water can spill you in your kayak, it can create the force to turn the miller’s wheels which ground the wheat. Water wheels are still used today to generate power. Water wheels are a perfect example of learning how to use the flow of the energies around you to your advantage. Take the analogy inside yourself. Where can you use the flow of the energy of the universe to help create the life you hope for.

Laguz – Flow

Laguz belongs to Tyr’s Aett

Key Word(s)

Flow, fluidity, lake, water, and sea.


Laguz, asking you to go with the flow, is aligned with the element of water.

Planetary Line

The Moon with its strong pull on the waters of the earth as is evidenced by our tides, is the planet most closely aligned with Laguz.

Tarot Link

In the Tarot Deck Laguz is best represented by the Star, the card of meditation, hope, faith and inspiration.


The green of the waters is the color associated with Laguz. Sea-foam green, the deep green of still waters, the bright green of water (which is not flowing) with algae growing strong.


To be receptive to go with the flow, one must use feminine energy, no matter what their gender.

Healing Property

With its association with liquid, Laguz is used in healing issues that deal with the kidneys.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Laguz is most closely associated with our modern letter L.

Special Runic Associations

Laguz is a member of the Emotional Healing and the Financial Help Runic Groupings.

Travel, normally to another continent, is indicated here. If Laguz shows up in your spread you can look forward to a physical journey, especially over water. But don’t forget the journey within, the flow of the personal self that Laguz calls you to undertake. Laguz challenges you to look around. Are you tied down to an anchor so that the ebb and flow of life move around you as if you were a rock upon the strand? Do you float endlessly upon the foam like so much flotsam, aimless, at the will of the flow? Either extreme displays a lack of control and improper use of energy flows. Rather than floating aimlessly like flotsam you should be charting your course, using the currents within the water to help speed you on your way. Use this same theory in your emotional advancement and the happiness you create will be strong and solid.rune-block-Laguz

Going with the flow also includes not going to fast. If you outstrip the current you are moving too fast, not seeing all that is about you. Your forceful intent for movement negates the flow of the river. Don’t negate the flow of the energy of the Universe in your life. Open yourself to the receptive energy of Laguz, allow yourself to open up to the flow of the universal energy. As we are all made up of stuff of the stars, the ebbs and flows of tides from the moon, the turn of the Milky Way across the night sky, the energy of the universe is there for all of us to use.

Some aspects of the hippy culture of the ‘60s weren’t all bad – “go with the flow” is one of them that really has merit!