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The Blank Rune Odin (Wyrd)

OdinTotal emptiness, or is it total possibilities? What does the blank rune say to you. This rune was added by rumenal in order to allow for the breath of chance from the universe when a spread is cast. When Odin appears in your spread you can be sure that the unknowable is at work even though you can’t see it.

What Odin’s rune means in a spread is often debated. Whether you feel it is telling you that there are endless possibilities before you, or you see it as the emptiness of nothingness, Odin’s message is strong.

Wyrd, the Blank Rune, is a message to look to the inner self. The blankness of this rune is actually a invitation to go deep within. For, the forces that are moving unseen in the background are forces you have put into effect. The forces represent the culmination of your life’s actions to that very moment. One of Wyrd’s messages is that the emptiness that is the blank slate at the beginning of our lives is filled by our own actions. These actions cumulate over time creating an energy flow that is carried with us as we move on our life’s path. It is on the small decisions we make moment by moment that we create our future. Wyrd is reminding you that life is a clean slate, ready to write your future on.

None of us is perfect, we all have our foibles and down-sides. It is how we allow them to affect our path to our goals that defines our intentions. When we are willing to go within and face the blank darkness — that part of ourselves we have denied and kept hidden, never allowing the light within. Odin commands us to let go and have faith…to step into the darkness with the realization that somehow our path will be illuminated so that we don’t fall.

Odin was the Norse God of Gods. Odin taught the oghram. Odin hung from the tree of knowledge and obtained the runes of knowledge. Odin in his capriciousness and changeability challenges you to reach the untold heights his rune represents. If you ignore the call to move forward into the blankness with hope and faith in your heart, you ignore the call to personal greatness. Not the greatness of fame and fortune (although it could be, but normally not so), but the greatness of one who knows themselves. The greatness of the dignity and grace that comes with self-wisdom are available, you just need reach for them.

Odin’s rune can fill you with hope

Odin’s rune reminds you that your future is made from the actions of your life.

Whether you call it fate, karma, just desserts, synchronicity, or just plain weird/wyrd, this Rune speaks untold volumes to those who are willing to peruse its depths. Emptiness is often equated to nothingness, but they are not the same thing. Wyrd as a rune represents the fertility of the emptiness which you can fill up with the bounty you create. Nothingness, however, leaves no room for growth because there is no fuel for that growth. Nothingness is just that…nothing. There is potential in emptiness.

When the Wyrd Rune (there are those that recognize the Norse associations to this day by referring to all matters of the paranormal as “the Wyrd and Wonderful”.) Just try doing an internet search for the word Wyrd!

rune-block-Odin-(Wyrd)Used more by rumenal than anyone else, Odin’s rune stands for the unknowable. Its representation is that which is not yet ready to be revealed.

Odin’s rune can fill you with hope. Odin’s rune reminds you that your future is made from the actions of your life.

Odin was the strongest of the Gods. Odin was all. Odin was the All-Father! Odin, in his wisdom, did not completely chart the course of humankind. Like other pantheonic Gods Odin was not adverse into meddling in the affairs of men. The blank Rune can be indicating the unknowable effect of the Divine in the actions of the individual person or mankind as a race.

When Odin appears to you in the guise of the blank Rune he calls you to look within to achieve a higher understanding of yourself. The blank Rune is said to represent the highest possibilities of human endeavor. A modern cartoon show (Futurama) has an episode wherein a character is given the opportunity to “play god” and, as movies of the same theme show, he screws it up. He finally gets to talk to God and God tells him “If you do it right, they won’t know you’ve done anything at all.” This is the perfect application of the Odin Rune. Whether you believe in the power of a higher being or being(s) or not really doesn’t matter, the higher power believes in you and acts on your behalf whether you know it or not.

Accept Odin’s challenge. Delve deep into the depths of yourself. Hold yourself up to a personal mirror and look deep into the closed areas of your mind. Open yourself to the cleansing flow of energy from the higher power and the connectedness of all that is. (This is another interpretation of the blank rune.)

In observance of the fertility of emptiness, practitioners of runemal don’t assign alignments to this Rune as they do to others. Odin stands alone. When we go deep within ourselves, into the darkness of the depths of our soul, we travel there alone. To give any associations to Odin would be like trying to tie a string around the universe. Instead it is best to let Odin stand empty, ready to be filled with the life you create from this point forth.