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The rune of both an Earthly and Spirit Plane Othila

othilabOthila speaks to us on both an earthly plane and the plane of spirit. Othila brings the bounty of the universe to us, but asks that we take appropriate action in order for that to happen. If Othila has been cast in your spread, it is wise to work with his powerful energy.

Othila speaks of new experiences coming to you. Although they come to you, you have to remember to reach out and embrace them. Whether it is the bounty of financial security or the fulfillment of finding a new approach to our thinking, Othila speaks loudly. Othila may be indicating an older person (normally a family member) is having too much control over you. On the other hand, Othila may be warning you that you aren’t taking the counsel of others strongly enough. These truly are two sides of the same coin.

The change Othila brings could be that of the physical residence. Othila may be telling you it’s time to have a couple of garage sales (or sell it on e-bay) and clear out the old stuff so you can start anew. Othila speaks strong of home, property, real estate and land. Referred to as the Rune of acquisition and benefits it is thought to have special help for those in the fields of caring for the treasures of history. For example, the Director of Acquisitions for a Museum would do well to study Othila’s energy. Then again, the Mom getting ready to go to the grocery store may do well by doing the same thing!

Othila – Separation

Othila is one of the runes in the Aett associated with the Norse God Tyr

Key Word(s)

Separation. Protection. Financial help. Inherited property.  Inheritance. Native land and home.


Othila is aligned with the elements of earth and fire. Othila reminds us of the roots to our home, our parents and our ancestors. For more of our history than not, mankind has gathered in communal groups at the hearth (remember, a bonfire party is really just a gigantic extension of the communal band or family hearth) to eat and commune with his fellows. With the hearth of rock (earth) and the warmth of heat (fire) man grew into a social animal and realized his spiritual conscience.

Zodiac Sign

With its direct association to long term money matters and the inheritance of either money, societal or familial attitudes, Othila is linked with the astrological sign of Capricorn.

Tarot Link

The Tarot link aligned with Othila is The Moon. With her hidden aspects and long-range associations, the Moon is the perfect comparison for Othila’s spiritual course.


The colors of yellow and ochre, the colors of fire and earth, are associated with Othila.


Othila is male in its aspect, it is an active rune. Othila calls you to action, begs you to overturn old ways of being and asks you to sift through the sands of your history and save the precious kernels while allowing the chaff to fall to the wayside.

Healing Property

Othila has been believed to help those who are suffering from diseases rooted in the genetics of the person. We cannot change our DNA pattern, but we can accept that as a growing spiritual and physical being that change is a very essential part of our nature.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Again, the powerful association of Othila is easily seen in it being aligned with two vowels: O or E.

Special Runic Associations

Othila is the second Rune in the Cycle of Initiation with the words and benefits of Separation, Retreat, and Inheritance Othila allows us to move into a position of strength. Othila is one of the runes in two of the Runic Groupings. It holds places in both the protection and financial help groupings, confirming it’s association with fiscal issues and protection of the inner self.

Othila speaks to us of our spiritual nature too. Othila asks if we are being true to the nature within, or are we becoming a physical hoarder because we are afraid of being without? Along with the spiritual lessons carried with Othila are the generational issues it represents. It may well be time to “break ranks” with the family’s status quo if it no longer fits who you are. Shake loose old ways of doing things and look at the new innovations out there. Just because it worked for Grandpa and Grandma doesn’t mean there might not have been a better idea since then. However, Great-Grandma’s old sugar scoop works just as good now as it did when she got it new. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, but when you’ve checked to make sure the bucket is empty except for the dirty water, throw out the dirty water, rinse out the bucket and get ready to move on to the next phase.
Your life is what you make it. Sometimes we work very hard to achieve something and the achievement leaves us empty and we continue on scrabbling for that which fulfills us. Othila reminds us to look to our foundation. Is it supporting us, lifting us and allowing us to reach new heights, or, is it an anchor holding you stagnant in old ways of thinking and believing. As we change and grow in our lives we constantly need to evaluate our spiritual and physical paths to ensure we hold true to our internal compass.