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The rune of Feminine Polarity Perth

perthobPerth comes into a casting with strong messages. Perth is not a gentle or passive rune, although it is aligned with a feminine polarity. Perth is the relentless force of water. Unstoppable, controllable only to a point, and then, suddenly – with no warning – the water is out of control, drowning everything and smashing it to bits and pieces as flotsam is slammed and hammered into buildings or structures. Perth clears a path for change.

Perth is associated with initiations and in some cultures the symbol is worn with pride by the girls who have entered into womanhood. This was a mark of her leaving total innocence of life’s greatest mystery behind and moving through the change of childhood into adulthood.

Perth talks to us about the unknowable in life. Although usually a prod to action, Perth can be telling you that your situation is far different that what you perceive it to be because there is much going on outside of your range of vision or knowing! Sometimes the best action is no action. An indication of this is that many rune masters will terminate a reading before it truly has begun if the first rune pulled is Perth. It is said that if Perth is the first to appear that the answers are beyond comprehension at this time. It’s not saying you’re stoop-id! It is saying that no matter how well you think you know the situation there are important factors beyond your ken.

Perth – Initiation

Perth is a member of Hagal’s Aett

Key Word(s)

Keywords associated with Perth are initiation, uncertainty, things beyond your knowing or ken in action, a secret matter and mystery.


Perth appropriately, is aligned with the element of water. Water is essential to life. Without water we die in seven to ten days. Allow Perth and the hidden depths of her watery affiliation to flow through your life, clearing, cleansing, and setting a stable foundation for the inner self to achieve wholeness.

Zodiac Sign

The sign of the Scorpion, Scorpio is the sign most closely associated with Perth.

Tarot Link

It should come as no surprise that the Tarot association with Perth is the Wheel of Fortune. Letting go and trusting to the flow of the Universe may be difficult, but allowing for a little chance brings sparkle. (If not, how the heck do they sell all those lottery tickets?)


Perth is associated with black. Black is the ultimate unknowable. Black is the ultimate darkness. Black is the ultimate unseen.


As discussed above, Perth is telling you to be receptive with it’s feminine polarity.

Healing Property

All matters of physical healing are aided by this Rune. Wearing the rune Perth is said to help heal those who are injured or sick.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Perth is most closely identified with the modern consonant “P.”

Special Runic Associations

Perth is specific – if it is the first Rune pulled, the matter should be reviewed at another time as forces are still in motion and the outcome undetermined. In the Cycle of Initiation it is the fourth Rune focusing it’s properties on initiation or something being hidden. Perth is in the physical healing grouping – most of the time in physical healing we don’t actually see the regenerative growth happening cell by cell, but we know it is there as we heal and grow stronger.

Perth speaks of secrets and the unknown, of hidden forces and unseen activities. Perth appears to tell you that there are things going on beyond your control so it is best to set things aside for now. Perth isn’t saying that you should give up, just set that particular issue aside for the now and let life take it’s course. Action will come, but wait until you have all available input. Perth reminds us to choose our moments for action appropriately. The time for you to take overt action.
On the material plane Perth is about surprises, gains or unexpected rewards. (Just because it’s “unknown” doesn’t mean it isn’t good!) Perth can be showing you where you have laid the proper foundation and are now in the position of being able to reap the benefits and rewards of your endeavors. When Perth shows up in your spread, you can be sure that there is a mystery involved. Mysteries can be good (ever heard of Agatha Christy?), or they can sneak up and bite us in the butt when we least expect it.

On the inner plane, when Perth arrives she invites your spirit to soar to a new degree of wholeness and acceptance. That invitation is an invitation to soar on the wings of the mighty eagle – the bird most aligned with nobility of spirit. Through the lessons Perth teaches she provides you with opportunities to soar. “Chance favors the prepared mind.” Allow your inner self to capitalize on the chance to fly by being prepared to capitalize on opportunities that come your way.