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The rune of Gateway Thurisa

thurisazbThurisa is called the Gateway Rune. It’s glyph is used in drawing and sketching gateways. Gateways represent moving from one space into another. Gateways and their symbols abound in modern culture. Whether it is the gate at the secure neighborhood, or the gate for the remote ranch, or the “gate” of the doorjamb which is the entrance to every home, the gateway is a place of transference from one space to another.

Without gateways to show us that we are transferring from one space to another we may not realize the transfer has occurred. Thurisa is related to the heart. Modern medicine has shown us that there are valves (another word for a one-way gate) within the heart. When the gates, or valves, work properly our hearts pump sustaining nutrients and oxygen through our cardiovascular system. The steady rhythm of your heartbeat is one of the ways doctors test the body to see if it is strong. When the gates or valves malfunction, serious medical issues may immediately occur.

Thurisa – Gateway

Thurisa belongs to Freyr’s Aett

Key Word(s)

Thorn, defence, giant, and non-action.


Thurisa is aligned with the element of fire. Once you have stepped through the gateway you will never be the same again. Yet, like the Phoenix who rises from its own ashes within the fire, you have matured, developed and grown through the transmutive properties of fire.

Planetary Line

Thurisa is aligned with the gas giant Jupiter.

Tarot Link

Only the Emperor could hold the regality of the knowledge of proper time and place. The Emperor is truly in command of all that he surveys. He waits, watching the members of his Court, allowing them to show their true colors to him.


Red, the color of fire and change.


Gateway is masculine. Thurisa invites you to step forth, but only after proper reflection.

Healing Property

One of the properties of the gateway is the healing essence it brings to the human emotions.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Thurisa is associated with the phonetic combination of TH or P.

Special Runic Associations

Thurisa is the Twelfth in the Cycle of Initiation. Speaking of the non-action to assimilate lessons learned, it hints at the promise of the future beyond the gateway. Thurisa is one of the runes in the Emotional Healing Runic Grouping and the Protection Runic Grouping.

Thurisa speaks of standing in the gateway, ready to take the step. The young virgin bride stands in the arbor (another representation of a gateway). She can’t help but review her life of innocence that she has lived until now. With her father escorting herrune-block-Thurisa-2 towards her soon to be husband she reflects on her past that she is symbolically and physically leaving behind. However, her eyes rest on the one soon to combine with her in perfect partnership, creating a bright future for them both. This is Gateway’s power — The power of passage from one form of being to another.

This rune features highly for those runemal that look at the progressions of life’s progress. Many believe that our life is cyclical and we repeat scenarios which are similar although we may interpret them differently. This theory can be expressed with the oft repeated phrase “if we do not learn the lessons of history we are doomed to repeat them.” Whether interpreted for mankind as a whole or the individual self, Thurisa calls you to wait at the precipice before stepping off into the future. Take the time to review where you have been as it will allow you to appreciate your accomplishments and help solidify your path ahead.

Thor, the Norse God of War is aligned with this Rune. If you’re of the right demographic, you may remember Thor from Saturday morning cartoons or comic books at the 5 and Dime store. Thor was a major player in the Norse Pantheon. The association of Thor should not be missed and the fact that he is still “alive” today in popular culture speaks much of his endurance. We still honor Thor in today’s calendar – Thor’s Day is Thursday.

Thor’s aggressive association may be warning you that those around you are being false or giving you false information. Thurisa warns you to watch the thorns among the roses!