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The rune of Spiritual Warrior Tiewaz

teiwazbTiewaz is probably the most well known of the Elder Futhark runes. It’s shape that of a simple arrow belies the complexity and power of this rune. Tiewaz is the rune of the ultimate warrior. Tiewaz represents the Spiritual Warrior. Not to gainsay the honor and bravery of those who place themselves in harm’s way as a warrior of peace for others, Tiewaz speaks specifically of a deeper battle…the battle with
our inner selves.

Tiewaz’s harshest message is when he is telling you that you must let go or sacrifice an old way of thinking. For most of us, this is a very difficult thing to do. These are not issues of outer consideration, but the issues that appear deep within the core of each of us where the battle of the Spiritual Warrior never ceases. The Spiritual Warrior is on a path, a quest to connect with the higher self. In order to accomplish this, sacrifices must be made – mainly those of the inner self. The sacrifice of Tiewaz is only as painful as we make it be. Tiewaz tells us to go within so that we can let go of what constrains us.

Tiewaz – The Warrior

Tiewaz, the Warrior is aligned with Tyr and a member of Tyr’s Aett

Key Word(s)

Tiewaz is the warrior. Victory in battle, The Norse Sky God – Tiw (you refer to him each time you say Tuesday), and the war god Tyr.


There is nothing receptive about Tiewaz. Tiewaz is the symbol of the ultimate male polarity. Positive, surging, probing, aggressive, the warrior is not passive in his craft unless the situation calls for it (i.e. an ambush – but beware you are not setting up an ambushing on yourself)!

Planetary Line

Only Mars, the red planet, named for a different pantheon’s God of War, is the planet most strongly linked with Tiewaz. Reading the stories and mythologies of the gods of war in myth and legend may help you connect with your inner warrior.

Tarot Link

The Warrior protects his or her people. The Warrior is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of the self to ensure that those they care for are safe from harm’s way. The Warrior is there to ensure a sense of justice in the world. It is the Justice card that is linked with the Warrior, for Tiewaz points up, speaking of the Warrior’s high ideals.


Flame red, what else? We are said to “see red” when we are angry. But the wise warrior knows to wait until the red of emotional anger fades before deciding on a course and proceeding.


Male energy at its most potent. Within this Rune and its representation are the emblem of the best and worst of us as a race. In the aspect of the Spiritual Warrior it represents those who have chosen a stronger connection with the inner strengths and warming embrace of their belief system.  In its most noble aspect it is the Physical Warrior who nobly sacrifices self for the protection of those they care for. In its most negative extreme, Tiewaz symbolizes war. While many noble and heroically brave and stunningly selfless acts occur on the battlefield, war is still hell and epitomizes the worst of our race.

Healing Property

Tiewaz, who demands the best of those with the most promise – the young men and women of fighting age – does not forget those who make it through the battlefields to old age. Tiewaz’s strongest healing energy is for rheumatism, arthritis and other joint ailments; especially those of the hands.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Teiwaz is associated with the letter T.

Special Runic Associations

Tiewaz is the Warrior Rune, it is one of the four Love Runes and is one of the runes in the Physical Healing grouping.

rune-block-TiewazWarriors of battle on the physical plane painted Tiewaz on their shields. Its power was said to grant courage and strength to the warrior while granting him protection as well. Tiewaz represents a positive outcome in battle. Many tribes tattooed this symbol to the arms of warriors so all would know their high standing and importance. It has only been in modern times that those who sacrifice the most for peace have not been held in the absolute highest esteem.

The famed Red Branch of ancient Ireland is a perfect example of the high regard warriors received. At one time warriors were given the place of honor at the fire pit or table. The warrior’s portion was normally the best piece of meat served to one who had acted heroically during the battle. The health of the warriors was watched with great care for without them there was no defense! Warriors were directly below royalty or tribal chiefs on the social/political ladder. In many cultures it took a vote of the warriors for a decision to be made (while others it was a vote of the elders). Even today, around the world, among those who are serving in harm’s way there is a soldier wearing Tiewaz.

The warrior application of Tiewaz is also seen in its shape. Its obvious representation of an arrow cannot be denied. The arrow is a powerful weapon when wielded by a skilled archer. It can kill nearly silently with just the shushing sound of displaced air. Archers were respected for their strength, skill and stamina. It took powerful muscles to wield a war bow or long bow. Even the cross-bow takes effort. With the application of effort working in conjunction with a simple machine (the bow) an individual can become an effective long range weapon. Without the archer the bow is a piece of wood with sinew attached. With the archer it is a force to be reckoned with! Be the archer of your body, mind and spirit!