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The rune of Sacrifice Uruz

uruzbUruz Until the 17th Century a mighty beast walked the earth, especially in the northern climes. He was boprimigenius, the aurochs. More commonly called the Wild Ox or Viking Ox, it was an animal known for its recalcitrance until trained, and its massive strength when put to good use. The Ox has long been associated with the idea of or participation in sacrifice.

Uruz is calling you to look and see if there is something you need to sacrifice in order to move forward. What is it in your life that is holding you back from achieving that which you desire the most? Uruz reminds us that through sacrifice we can move into a state of being far better than we had imagined at the time the sacrifice was made.

It should be realized that the sacrifice called from by Uruz need not be required of you. It may be that you are witness to, or part of the path that allows another to reach their goals through sacrifice. Sacrifice talks of diligence and hard work. Sacrifice talks of loss and lack of control. Here the sacrifice that Uruz requires may be to let go and let the flow of the energy of the universe show you that life does find a way. But, in order to find a way, life makes changes to adapt and capitalize on each niche. Uruz is asking you if you are in the right niche? Is it time for you to leave the safety of your old ways to embark on a new, more exciting future?

Uruz – Strength

Uruz belongs to Freyr’s Aett

Key Word(s)

Strength, manhood, womanhood, the aurochs (wild ox), sacrifice, and growth.


Uruz, represented by the Ox is the firmament of the Earth upon which the mighty beast stood.

Zodiac Sign

The obvious link with Taurus is kind of hard to miss. However, the link is to the spiritual aspect of the Taurean nature rather than to the physical.

Tarot Link

With it’s links to sacrifice, giving, and letting go, The High Priestess is the perfect Tarot accompaniment to the Elder Furthark’s Uruz.


Green, the color of the grasses that feed the great aurochs is the color associated with Uruz


Uruz is masculine, firm, solid, hard. Uruz can give us a gentle nudge if we listen well, or Uruz can repeatedly hit us around the head and shoulders with a “clue-by-four.” Uruz requires action and has been linked to long range effects.

Healing Property

Uruz is most closely aligned with the muscles and anything connected with bodily strength. The body has an amazing property to heal itself (life does find a way). Uruz’s challenge in health issues is to keep your body systems strong as well.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Uruz is most closely associated with the modern vowel U and the consonant W.

Special Runic Associations

Uruz is the third rune in the Cycle of Initiation. It is through the strengths we assume as we achieve maturity (manhood/womanhood) that we learn through sacrifice come the greatest rewards…even when the reward was not seen during the course of the sacrifice itself.

A very intelligent lady once told me “nothing is free – you pay for it one way or another,” and, well, Mom was right. Alchemist called it the theory of Equivalent Exchange. Some call it karma. Some say it is fate. Whatever you call it or term it, Uruz reminds us that everything does have a price. rune-block-UruzSome prices are much easier to pay than others. When we go to the grocery store we choose what items we feel have an appropriate price tag for our circumstances. Uruz transcends this physical application of energy into the spiritual plane as well.

Learning and growth can be painful in the process (ask any high school student who got nailed with a pop quiz the second day of class)! Adversity can be a great instructor. However, we have to choose to ignore the discomfort and remain as we are or we can make a conscious choice to change. The operative word here being *choice.* Uruz encourages you to make the wise choice for yourself, which is not necessarily always the most comfortable or easiest one to make.

Uruz encourages you to let go and embrace the darkness, accepting what is offered up to you as you sacrifice some of your “control” by letting go and letting the energies flow. Sacrifice, properly applied, can bring great benefits totally unexpected or assumed. Allow the power of sacrifice (whether it’s an attachment to physical goods or allowing yourself to let go of old ways of thinking) to put power in your life.