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The rune of Joy Wunjo

wunjobAll the Runes have some association or allegorical presence in the ancient tales and poems. The Anglo-Saxon Runic Poem says the following about Wunjo: He enjoys who knows not suffering, sorrow nor anxiety, and has prosperity and happiness and a good enough house.

Wunjo is the rune of joy; of happiness, of things finally coming together. Wunjo speaks of the culmination of the phase of learning and growth. When Wunjo appears in your casting you can be assured that a positive result that brings joy to your heart is in the offing. This Rune is emblematic of a new clarity and understanding for you in your current situation. Wunjo tells you that you have the presence and connection with your inner self and who you are to be able to do whatever it is you choose. Take the time to review your plans and your goals and make sure they are in alignment with one another. It really sucks when you’ve put all the work into making and executing plans and then, after all that work and energy are expended you realize that your plans did not effectively take you any closer to your goals.

Wunjo – Joy

Wunjo brings his joy to Freyr’s Aett

Key Word(s)

Joy, happiness, light, the absence of suffering and sorrow.


Evidence of the reality of the joy that Wunjo brings, Wunjo is aligned with the earth; so you can depend on Wunjo’s message being solid.

Planetary Line

Wunjo is aligned with Venus, especially in her negative phase.

Tarot Link

The Tarot card aligned with this rune is that of Strength. With the strength of knowledge of our inner self (for it is only as we know our inner self that we can achieve true joy) we can create the future we want to have happen.


Wunjo is related to the color of yellow – of brightness, the color of the Sun.


Wunjo with his positive probing happy energy is definitely a male polarity.

Healing Property

Many medical care professionals today are taking additional training and interest in the “whole body/mind/spirit” concept. For many years medicine looked at the body and forgot about the emotions. Now even medical science is proving that joy, happiness, and being active in life have healing properties no prescription medication could ever impart! After all, laughter is the best medicine!

Modern Letter Counterpart

Wunjo is related to two consonants, W and V; and is aligned with the vowel U.

Special Runic Associations

When Wunjo appears in a casting, his power is so strong that it can nullify any of the negative runes nearby. Wunjo is the ultimate in love runes. It represents total love and is one of the four “love runes” recognized by practitioners of the rumenal.

Wunjo is the joy of understanding your inner self. Your path to this rune may have had it’s ups and downs, but the process has taught you much and rune-block-Wunjonow you are ready to incorporate all the new lessons into the you that you are now. You are ready to open your arms and your emotions to the joy the Universe is ready to send your way.

Better get the glad rags out and be ready to party because Wunjo is indicative of socializing and meeting new people. For those who are single and looking for the right person to come along, Wunjo may be the messenger you’ve been looking for! Wunjo can indicate a fair haired, fair skinned person may just be coming your way. Those who have already found health of the warriors are sure to enjoy additional closeness and deepening of the existing relationship if Wunjo turns his face up in your spread.

Wunjo also has happy meanings in the business world. If you’re thinking about a partnership, a joint venture, or merger, Wunjo is telling you that if you’ve done your research, it’s probably a good move. Part of the energy of Wunjo is that it allows you to build on the lessons you have learned, incorporating those recent lessons into a path that leads you to your future. Wunjo indicates that a partnering of some kind in the business arena will bring rewards and forward advancement.