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The Chariot

The first thing to strike you about this card is the driver. Today we don’t understand the importance of the Chariot. From the Celts to the Romans, the Babylonians to the Greeks, the Chariot was the emblem of the conqueror. To be a driver of a Chariot was a position of honor and high esteem. It was not a position granted, but one that was earned by dedication and application of effort. The young man is cloaked in a cape indicating his importance. His face looks forward in an attitude of cocky reassurance. It is by no accident that he is holding the reigns to the griffins that pull his Chariot. The mythological animals are spatting with each other. A close look shows that the griffin on the viewer’s left is not only biting at his partner in the reins, but the reins as well.

The Chariot first and foremost is a card of movement. If the Chariot has shown up in your spread today it indicates some kind of movement in regard to your questions. Obviously, The Chariot can speak of physical movement as well. The Chariot is a card of dualistic energies. Where at one time it can reflect the emotions of vengeance, the conditions of turmoil and adversity; it can also indicate success or an urgency to gain control, especially in the emotional realm. Just as he shows success, the Charioteer can indicate failure in your life. He can also be trying to tell you that you need to be a little more reality based. The Chariot can carry you to the height of your dreams or to the depths of despair. It is your choice how you use the information and energy supplied by The Chariot.

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Ruled by the element of Water


Ruled by the element of Air

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Ruled by the element of Earth

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