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deathThe Death card shows us a skeletal figure dancing on the grass. Under his feet the vegetation is browned. Flowers are tucked into the band tied around the garish skull while other flowers fall away from the figure. His tattered robes and sickle round out the traditional associations with the Death figure. Depicted much in the style of the early Renaissance Paintings, Death is dancing.

Death is part of the ancient pre-Christian trilogy of Life, Death, and Re-birth. In cartomancy the Death card DOES NOT mean you are going to die. Yes, the title of the card is Death. Yes, it can indicate a physical death, but that is actually very rare. More frequently, The Death card appears in our spreads to tell us about a change within ourselves. Change can be difficult and uncomfortable, however, it is in the periods of the greatest change that we tend to learn our strongest lessons and achieve our highest goals. Allow the winds of change to blow within your world. Allow the natural death of a situation that no longer serves you and move forward into a future you desire. The Death card can also alert us to choices within ourselves that are not appropriate. With the transformative energy of change and movement to a new way of perception or being, Death can be a positive aspect in the Tarot.

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