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The Fool is the first of the Major Arcana in the Tarot Deck

The-FoolSome people have difficulty with the idea of the Fool being numbered as 0 instead of the more standard 1 to begin the set. The number 0 is represented as a circle. The circle has long been used to indicate the enclosure of the possibilities. (The Zodiac is set in a circle, Medicine Wheels and many other traditional meditative mazes are circular in shape. The digit 0 (or the circle, also representative of the Sun in Astrology) also represents the concepts of boundless space, limitless time, and the limitless possibilities before you.

Here we see the Fool gazing into his dreams. His lack of attention to reality and unrealistic attitudes are emblematic of him walking on the air. The Fool can indicate a new life journey. The Fool wears his brightly colored clothes, looking much like the Landsknecht Knight of the late Renaissance. His hands frame a butterfly alluding to the limitless possibilities if he is wise enough to capitalize on them. The Fool can indicate change or the need for change. If Fool has shown up in your spread take the time to look at your options and make a considered decision. Don’t walk on air and hope. Build a foundation, stay connected and achieve! But don’t loose sight of the dreamer within you. Within us all lives The Fool, ready to come out and enjoy the Universe!

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Ruled by the element of Water


Ruled by the element of Air

(also known as Spades)


Ruled by the element of Fire

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Ruled by the element of Earth

(also known as Pentacles)

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