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Suspended above the atmosphere of the earth, feet dangling in the clouds, an angel in a loincloth and wings that are tipped in orange and fade through layers to a light cream Judgment comes to call. The wings are spread wide in order to hold the angel aloft. Pointed directly at the earth below is a golden horn upon which he is blowing. The stars sparkle around him.

The Judgment card calls to you to use your own personal judgment. Are you intentionally or unintentionally stalling your own path by holding on to anger and hurts from the past? The Judgment card calls us to be judicious in our choices and decisions in our life. In his positive aspect the Angel of Judgment (Gabriel) announces a time for proper judgment. His clarion call rings across time and space to talk of rejuvenation and rebirth. His call warms us with thoughts of improvement, advancement and promotion in all aspects of our life. The Judgment card challenges us to make appropriate judgments in our lives. Judgment demands we rise to the opportunities placed in our way. If we do not use judgment properly and seize them, the opportunities will be taken away and afforded to another. Judgment calls to us to be active in our own lives by making choices and alliances that mesh with our inner soul.

Minor Arcana


Ruled by the element of Water


Ruled by the element of Air

(also known as Spades)


Ruled by the element of Fire

(also known as Wands)


Ruled by the element of Earth

(also known as Pentacles)

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