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It should first be noted that “justice” and “law” don’t even share a letter, so don’t confuse the two in the Tarot either. This is the card of Justice. However, as many who have had association with the US legal system know that Lady Justice is blind. She holds her scales before her, ready to weigh the issues. Her sword is held in a defensive stance, but those who have fenced or done sword work can see the easy relaxed but ready position she maintains. She stands high atop a rocky outcrop, the clouds behind her indicating her great height. Her strength and determination are seen in her firmly planted feet and strong muscular legs.

Although joked about above, even though law and justice do not share a letter, without law it is difficult to dispense justice. This card can be talking about a legal issue in your life. However, it is more likely trying to point out (the sword) a part of your life that you may need to look at more judiciously. Are you truly giving things a “fair shake?” Are you putting forth enough energy to achieve your goals? Justice calls us to look to ourselves – justice calls to our higher virtues but is required to deal with and dispense justice on our baser natures. Justice speaks of fairness (everybody is entitled to representation), her scales indicate appropriate balance, her belt is an interlocking allegory for the symbol of infinity.

Remember that it may take time for the law to catch up with and dispense justice in the material world. In the world of the inner person it could mean you need to look at your perceptions. Are you being unfair? Are you making false allegations against another? Or, are you basking in the just rewards of personal effort? All these are the messages of the Justice card.

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