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strengthBeneath the shade of a massive oak tree, a woman sits cross-legged holding the opportunities of the universe in her hand as represented by the acorn. Curved protectively around her we see a male Lion calmly looking out across his domain. His tail is gently curved on the leg of the woman. Her gaze is focused on the acorn as if she is contemplating the great tree it may become. (In many ancient traditions the Oak was considered the tree of wisdom.)

The Strength card relates as much to the mental/spiritual plane as it does the physical. The woman understands the strength of long term growth – it is that she is contemplating in the potential of the acorn. It is an obvious direct meaning that this card can be signaling either the existence of, or need for, strength in your endeavor. Strength can be strong and forceful in its energy. Strength is action, energy. Strength supports you when you have the courage of your convictions. It takes strength to realize you have achieved your goal. Beware the downsides of strength. Make sure you are not bullying or controlling of others. Ensure that you are strong and not weak, caring not petty with your dealings with others. Strength can also warn of a threat to the essence of your personal strength – your health. Don’t become quagmired in the indifference of idleness. Beware abuse of powers you have earned. Strength includes the capability to care for others and yourself. We are all capable of high thoughts and noble endeavors…remember that when you see Strength in your cards.

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