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The Sixes in the Tarot deck are associated with the Major Arcana card of the Lovers. The Lovers tell us that we can create the harmony of our life by practical application of will. The Sixes indicate a great usability due to a connection of all the forces in the suit it represents. The Six calls us to enter into the giving and receiving of the Universe and understand that the concept of reciprocity is truly universal.

Numerologist look at Six as the number of knowledge and wisdom. It brings harmony and beauty. It is believed that the 6 was used to impart wisdom and create harmony throughout the universe.

The Kabalistic Link to the Minor Arcana 6 is Tiphareth, Beauty, Harmony, a Sacrificed God. Tiphareth, on the central Pillar of equilibrium, has the balance of Kether on a lower plane and that of Yesod on the higher one. The three Sephiroth below Tiphareth represent the personality or lower self; the four above Tiphareth, the individuality or higher Self; and above them all is Kether, the Divine Spark that sets Life in motion. Tiphareth is also the point of change from the planes of force above it to those of form below. This sixth Sephirah is called the child of Kether and the King of Malkuth, and in his own sphere he is sacrifced. Sacrifice here means the transmutation of force from one form to another.

When we make a sacrifice of any sort, we take one form of expression and channel it into another. We gladly sacrifice time, money, and pleasure that those may be transmuted into higher forms of accomplishment.In Tiphareth, God is made manifest in form, and dwells among us; Tiphareth, the Son, “shows us” Kether, the Father, and this idea is perfectly equilibrated, for the mediator or redeemer is ever striving to bring balance to his kingdom by reuniting the higher Sephiroth with the lower. Incarnated gods are sacrified, in the sense that they die for the people in order that the tremendous emotional force set free by this act may bring about equilibrium of forces. It is this Sephirah on the Tree of Life that the Christian religion takes as its focusing point. The pantheistic faiths, such as those of the Greeks and the Equptias, center in Yesod; and the metaphysical faiths, such as those of the Buddhists, Confucians, and – in this age – the New Age Movement, aim at Kether. The Bible is essentially a Kabalistic book, as indicated by the fact that the allusions to the Son refer to Tiphareth; the Father, to Kether, and to the Holy Ghost, to Yesod. It should be noted that 6 represents the trinity in its duality.

Helios, Osiris, and all the Sun Gods also have their abode at Tiphareth; it is through the sun that life comes to Earth, and it is by means of the God – consciousness or Tiphareth that we contact the sources of vitality and are able to draw upon them. The understanding of outward (exoteric) religion goes no farther up the Tree than Tiphareth, and has no grasp of the mysteries of creation.

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