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Names and general characteristics of the Chinese Hours in oriental astrology

Chinese Hours

The Chinese assign animals in the hour system in the same order as they are assigned to years. It should be noted that the Chinese Astrological system recognizes “double hours” which are 120 minutes in length. These double hours are set such that 12:00 noon is set in the middle of the middle “double hour” of the day. (The times listed here are standard time…if you were born during daylight savings – summer – you may have to adjust an hour depending on your time zone.)

11pm -12:59am

Rat Hour 11pm -12:59amrat

Name: Tzu
Characteristics: pleasant, talkative, personable, sociable, outgoing, confident, busy, successful; can be a busy body in negative aspect.

1am - 2:59am

oxOx Hour 1am – 2:59am

Name: Ch’ou
Characteristics: even tempered, reliable, stable, solid, dependable, down-to-earth; responsible and level-headed; can be biased unbending.

3am – 4:59am

tigerTiger Hour 3am – 4:59am

Name: Yin
Characteristics: Self-assured, positive, Forceful, Strong in self and normally positive in view; can become over-exuberant.

5am – 6:59am

rabbitRabbit Hour 5am – 6:59am

Name: Mao
Characteristics: Sensitive and shy, tend to be more inwardly focused rather than worrying about making a mark on the world consummate actors they feel they have to act a certain way to please others.

7am – 8:59am

dragonDragon Hour 7am – 8:59am

Name: Ch’en
Characteristics: Eccentric and unusual, colorful, excess of personality, independent, interesting and intellectual; can be irritating in their self-confidence.

9am – 10:59am

snakeSnake Hour 9am – 10:59am

Name: Zu
Characteristics: highly intelligent and talented, normally an “artistic” type personality that enjoys the drama of life; others take either an immediate like or dislike to you.

11am – 12:59pm

horseHorse Hour 11am – 12:59pm

Name: Wu
Characteristics: cheerful, perky, open, happy, fun loving, extroverted, these are normally people who are always on the go; natural cleverness can turn to obstinacy.

1pm – 2:59pm

sheepSheep Hour 1pm – 2:59pm

Name: Wei
Characteristics: Family-oriented, sensible, quiet and unassuming, dependable, retiring; often perceived as stand-offish or overly reserved because of their innate caution, prefers the company of others rather than their own.

3pm – 4:59pm

monkeyMonkey Hour 3pm – 4:59pm

Name: Shen
Characteristics: fun, lively, chatty, upbeat, solid sense of humor and love of enjoyment, easily befriended, comfortable in a variety of social situations, but sometimes easily bored.

5pm – 6:59pm

roosterRooster Hour 5pm – 6:59pm

Name: Yu
Characteristics: tendency towards glamour and fashion, elegance and beauty, impatient with those they feel are fools, sometimes
abrasive – but beautiful!

7pm – 8:59pm

dogDog Hour 7pm – 8:59pm

Name: Hsu
Characteristics: Responsible, loyal,dependable, reliable,quiet, graceful, steady,capable, hard-working –sometimes overly so.

9pm – 10:59pm

pigPig Hour 9pm – 10:59pm

Name: Hai
Characteristics: Relaxed but hiding much below a carefully structured exterior, intelligent, warm, forgiving, may appear slow or
uninspired at first, makes few friends but friendships made are strong.

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