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The Eleventh House: Community

Eleventh House

Here in your Eleventh House you find the answers to your social life issues. Whether wrestling with your social conscience or wondering if you are applying enough energy to your relationships or trying to find the best way to reach out to the wider community around you – social or work – it is to the Eleventh House you should turn to for guidance. The Eleventh House speaks of how you deal with the larger community of mankind as a whole.

The planets in the Eleventh House will do much to determine your attitude toward your social life and your social conscience. If you’re in the midst of making a major life change (divorce, career move, physical move, etc.) look to this sign for ways to make the change a smooth and easy one. Remember that even though you may not have any planets appearing in your Eleventh House, that doesn’t mean you are automatically a hermit who shies away from the rest of mankind. It just means that you can use the clear messages that the ruling sign of Aquarius and planet of Uranus provide.

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