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The Fifth House: Pleasure

The Fifth House is ruled by Leo and the Sun. These fire entities rule the House that deals with pleasure. Beware submitting too much to the pleasures found in the Fifth House. Studying the planets residing in the Fifth House will do much to tell you how you react in love relationships and the pitfalls you may create for yourself as love affairs are ruled here as well. Creativity resides in the Fifth House. Look here for your inspiration. For those embarking on artistic endeavors, you may do well to consult the planets residing in your Fifth House as your weaknesses will be revealed so you can adapt your plans to account for that.

The Sun speaks of brightness — that brightness is represented by our relationship with the children in our lives – ours or other people’s. TheFifth House is also related to the father figure in your life. If your house seems cluttered and your living space isn’t what you want it to be, look to the Fifth House in the Zodiac to help you find your way clear of the clutter in order to turn your home (Fifth House) back into the sanctuary you know it can be. Remember to take time for pleasure in your life!

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