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The Seventh House: Partnership

Seventh House

Like the sign Aquarius, the Seventh House of the Zodiac is probably the most well known of all the Houses. What isn’t quite as well known is that the Seventh House controls partnerships – especially the emotional ones. Although business contacts and partnerships are also ruled here, the partnership in emotional relationships is the alliance most people are interested in.

The Seventh House helps you to understand how to achieve your personal emotional stability. Studying the ruling sign of Libra (the ultimate partner) and Planet Venus the ultimate lover – you can be guided in your work associations as well. Your feelings about commitment and long term situations are also reflected in the planets in your Seventh House.

No longer do we live in a world where we are each an island unto ourselves. Although we appreciate our personal privacy, we are all linked to each other and that link can’t be ignored. It is how you deal with the direct connection of a personal link with another person – professional or personal – that is revealed in your Seventh House. If you and your sweetie are scrapping more than normal you may want to look at both your Seventh Houses as a start to investigate the root cause of the problem or common ground for you two to reach for or agree upon together. If you don’t have any planets here in the Seventh House, well that’s just fine and dandy because with Venus as the House’s Ruling Planet, it shows us that love is out there for us all!

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