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Neptune is the second of the “modern” planets that have been discovered. At the same time America was immersed in its Civil War, scientist across the Atlantic in both Britain and France were trying to get the scientific community to recognize their finding.

When looking at this planet the sheer distances becomes incomprehensible. Voyager’s fly-by in 1989 brought even more surprises for astronomers. Triton, one of the moon’s of Neptune was captured by camera and the images of Voyager 2. It was from this intrepid space explorer that we discovered that Neptune has rings.

People are under the impression that Neptune was the god of the sea and associated with the Greek Poseidon, but that is actually incorrect. This planet was the God of irrigation in the Roman Pantheon. Not the God of the sea, but the God of the life giving waters that irrigated the fields that grew the crops. When applied in the world of astrology, Neptune rules over human activity.

On the up side we’re talking about the traits of sensitivity, compassion, and, of course, imagination. The less appreciated traits assigned to Neptune are characterized by such words as deception, confusion, treachery and fraud. This planet, like the other “modern” planets, is believed to have a “generational” impact, meaning the energy is very important to larger groups of people.

Other analyses indicate that this planet’s energy may well be opening the door to the higher levels of consciousness. Neptune can create an uncertain attitude in the House in which it resides. This planet is believed to rule the deepest levels of the subconscious. It is through Neptune’s energy that we can connect with the ancestral memory.