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The Eastern Elements

eastern-elementsThe Eastern Elements of Chinese Astrology system does recognize elements, but they aren’t simply the tradition earth-air-fire-water. Instead, the Chinese system recognizes that metal, water, wood, fire, and earth are the elements of creation of everything. Wood has a much higher importance in the orient than here in the west.

Ancient Japanese even designed their wooden homes on the ideal of a tree. The elements are sometimes referred to as agents or modifiers because the energies aligned with that element can have a modifying effect on the personality. These elements influence everything from the micro to the macro and the infinity they represent.

The Eastern Elements of Chinese Astrology

Your year, your animal, and even your birth hour can be associated to an element. In the oriental theory of balance in all things, it is believed that if one is lacking in a certain element than one should ensure to bring that element into their lives. For example, someone who does not have any of the element of wood might do well to go in to construction or woodcarving.

These are occupations that require constant contact with the element of wood, thus encouraging balance for the individual.

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