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The Western Element Water

Western Element WaterZodiac signs associated with the Western Element Water are:

Western Element Water is recognized in astrology as being the element associated most with the Emotions.

Western Element Wateris the last of the elements. Its energy (sometimes rushing forth like a torrent) is emotional, and full of intuition, being sensitive to surroundings, and to other people. A water person may fool you – there are depths below the surface that remain unseen unless they choose to reveal them to you. Those with an abundance of Water in their chart may well be a “drama-trauma” type individual.

Some keywords or primary phrases used to describe those with abundance of Western Element Water are: creative, good original thinkers, empathetic, a person who has much hidden below the surface.

When we feel emotions deeply liquid drops from in the tear ducts of the eyes and we cry. Water is emblematic of emotion. Emotions can flow from person to person with great ease hence water is the element for them. Water speaks of the higher purpose and the hidden depths not revealed by a person. Water people are normally emotional and intuitive, often being empathetic enough to pick up the emotions of others. They are great with their imaginations!

Those without much Water in their chart may seem to be a cold fish to those around them. This individual could well come across as selfish and egotistical. Displaying a tendency to have real problems expressing how they feel, those without any water element in their chart would have problems expressing how they feel. These individuals also have a tendency to keep their emotions to themselves.

Those with an abundance of Water are normally easy to see through their actions. These are your “drama queens.” One with lots of water in their chart will be more likely to be emotive and expressive. As water flows from mountain snow to melt to join a trickle that may well reach a flood stage before finding the welcoming embrace of the ocean, a person with a strong Water presence in their chart are sure to let you know how they feel!