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Color: Magenta Candle

Color MagentaColor Magenta is considered a high vibration color and is rarely used alone in candle work. Due to the associated high vibration of the color Magenta is normally used in association with other colors to help make things happen in a faster period of time.

When it is used by itself, Magenta is used in prayers for spiritual healing, exorcisms and quick changes. It can be difficult to find, normally only being available in the large pillar or taper forms, this color is a good one to stock up on when you find it.

Color Magenta is a difficult color to describe. It is not a color of the natural spectrum, but actually an in-between illusionary floating between the ultra-violet and infra-red bands of the spectrum and is believed to vibrate at a very high frequency. This high frequency vibration association is what correlates for the quick response that is normally received when burning magenta candles.

Color Magenta is a probing color, penetrating and changing all it comes in contact with. As the pigment change is fast, so is the tendency for a response from burning a candle of this color. Color Magenta works on the spiritual, ethereal and natural planes of existence and easily permeates beyond the veil.

It is traditionally used in healing for Spiritual Healing, Exorcisms for quick changes of a favorable nature.

There is a caution with Color Magenta. Once should be sure that the color is a clean, vibrant clear-toned hue with a fluorescent-like quality (fluorescent magenta is said to be even more powerful). The less vibrant or colored shades tend to allow for other energies to come into play.

Color Magenta, is a color, symbolizes omnipotence.