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Color: Silver Candle

Color SilverColor Silver (or very light grey) is a very strong color in the world of candle and/or color work. Carrying the power of the Moon it is concerned with things that are “beyond the veil” or not seen. Divination, clairvoyance, telepathic and psychometric abilities are best assisted with a silver candle. If one is doing astral projection work burning a Color Silver candle will help considerably.

Representing such things as dreams, the energy feminine, imagination, awareness and more, silver is more than just a cool color for holiday decorating! In fact, with proper ceremony a metallic Color Silver candle can be used on an altar to invoke The Great Mother or Goddess aspect.

Rich in feminine power, matters of intuition are claimed within the color silver. Mysticism, dreams, visions, knowing that beyond is all within the vibrational realm of the Color Silver.

Promoting inner stability, Color Silver candles can help remove negativity from an individual or a situation. Burning Color Silver candles is said to bring the ability to respond in a positive way to life-energies we come in contact with.

Planetary Associations: The Moon Goddesses (Isis and Diana) along with the silvery moon claim silver for their own.

Stone Associations:
Of course moonstones are a prime stone for heightening the vibration of a silver (or light grey) candle.

Best Day To Burn On: With the Moon being it’s ruling planet, silver is best burnt on Monday.