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Individual Email Readings for a donation of $25.00. For your donation, I will conduct a email reading in the modality of your choice on the question you provide.

This email reading is done by me, Dr. Nikki, with the full use of my gifts in the modality of your choice. The response to your question will normally be somewhere between 400 and 600 words in length. Example of a reading

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When you receive your email reading you may notice simple misspellings, punctuation errors, and grammar faults. This is part of how you know what you are receiving is an actual reading created just for you, and not some cut and paste template situation(although I do offer that type of reading service pro-bono). I don’t go back and “pretty up” written readings because the clean up could actually change the meaning and intent of the reading.

It has been my experience that something as simple as seeing a misspelled word or bad grammar sentence may well trigger a message for you that I, as the reader, don’t connect with or understand. So, please understand that I am not trying to release an unprofessional product in a written email reading. I strive more for the accuracy of the message of the email reading, feeling that takes precedence over accuracies in spelling and grammar.

Hope this helps!
Dr. Nikki

A sample email reading

I’m having difficulties with my husband. He seems to be angry all the time when he was never that way before. When I ask him what’s wrong he shrugs his shoulders and walks away. I love him, but don’t know what to do to make things work any more. Is there hope for this marriage?

Thanks for writing. I see you’ve chosen the Tarot modality, so I’m going to do a three card spread. Your main question is: Is there hope for my marriage? First, I’ll tell you what the three cards are that turned up in your spread today, and then I’ll go in to the specifics of your spread interpretation.

This client choose the Tarot modality for her reading.
The Past The Present The Future
Six of Swords
Six of Swords
Knight of coins
Knight of coins

With these cards I can definitely understand why you feel your husband is being grumpy. With the progression of the cards it appears that he is trying to “take life as it comes” while you are trying to work on a plan. Your husband is frustrated and feels that he should be further along in his life path than he is. There is some resentment there that appears to be linked to family responsibilities. However, the Six of Swords (which is associated with such key phrases as “having the blues,” “recovery,” and “travel”) shows your husband for some reason thinks a lot of the good life has passed him by. He wants to recapture what was when maybe he should be more appreciative of what is.

The Wheel of Fortune indicates that your relationship is currently at a turning point. Honestly, you’ve about had it…he just doesn’t realize it yet. However, since the Wheel of Fortune was in positive aspect I think he will. It may be difficult to open up to him (again) and give him the opportunity to sink or shine, but doing it could well help the relationship more than you can realize.

The Wheel of Fortune also shows me that you are unclear as to the direction you want your life to go from this point. This confusion does not appear to be just caused by the interactions with your husband. This feels attached to you (that and I keep hearing the song Spinning Wheel –what goes up, must come down; spinning wheel goes round and round; in my head as I am writing to you) specifically. Are you
feeling like your pushing hard and not getting anywhere fast? Look down to see if you are in a rut. Are you being who you truly are or are you reacting the way you think people expect you to react. (Your husband feels a little confused as to where you are in your head now, and frankly, that scares him a little.)

The Knight of Coins in the future shows me that you two can butt heads on a lot of issues, but when it all comes out in the wash you two are partners. Through thick and thin. Unfortunately, your gift card of the 2 of Cups tells me that it is going to be a factor of 2 (I think its weeks, but can’t be 100% sure, exact timing is difficult) before you both get back to realizing why you got together in the first place. It will happen, but you need to do your part of the task also. You need to work at reaching out to him. I’m your psychic….he’s your husband. It’s not his job to crawl inside your head and figure out what you want. It’s your job to let him know what you need to be happy. My Mom always used to say that men needed to be trained. In the early years, you did give him a lot of “training.” However, he feels a little lost in the wind right now because you aren’t providing the direction you normally do.

I’m very encouraged to see a Knight as your future card. The knights normally talk about growth and development. But the Knight of Coins talks specifically about vassilating back and forth between extremes. Right now part of your frustration with hubby is that you feel he has lost track of where that thin line between being dedicated and being grinding is.

Try to take a little time to focus on each other and remember how it felt to say “I do” when you married him. Doing that will help you see for yourself that there is hope for you two!!