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The Messenger Rune Ansuz

ansuzbAnsuz is referred to as “The Messenger Rune.” When this Rune is cast, whether right side up or upside-
down, be prepared for messages of great import or that bring change into your life. Signals, signs, messages and omens are all things you need to be extra aware of when Ansuz is around you. Messages and signals come in many different ways, so be open and receptive to the flow of bounty from the Universe.

Ansuz is most closely associated with the Norse God Loki, nicknamed the Trickster. Loki is an embodiment of the capriciousness of life. Loki is amed the Trickster for a reason. Loki is the breath of change and unexpectedness. Many of us fear change, and Loki makes us uncomfortable. He reaches into our comfortable lives and shakes everything up so we have to truly look within to answer the questions coming at us from without.

Ansuz- Signals

Ansuz belongs to Freyr’s Aett.

Key Word(s)

The duplicity of this Rune is seen in the many keywords assigned to it. God, Odin, Holy Pow, Messenger, and the mouth. That’s a lot for a little rune, isn’t it?


Ansuz’s capacity for change and incorporation is evidenced by it’s association with the elements of air (higher thought), fire (active energy), and water (emotional energy). Depending on the mood or the situation, Ansuz’s meaning could be aligned with any of these three elements. Part of Ansuz’s challenge to you is to keep these three aspects of life in appropriate balance, for it is when they are out of balance that Loki will walk into your life.

Tarot Link

Ansuz’s confusion is evidenced by the variety of Tarot cards to which it is aligned. The Death Card, The Emperor, The Hierophant, and even The Tower are cards that exemplify phases of Ansuz’s energy. The Death Card is indicative of tying ourselves in knots; the Emperor is the reflective controlled man; the Heirophant on his constant quest for learning and enlightenment; and the Tower which speaks of sudden and unexpected change – four phases or faces of Ansuz.


Primarily associated with the color of dark blue, Ansuz has also been aligned with red.


Ansuz, with the way he reaches in and gives your life a good shake, is positive masculine energy.

Healing Property

Ansuz is said to have special healing effect on the mouth, teeth, throat and matters of voice, specifically those who suffer from stuttering.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Appropriate to it’s nature, Ansuz is actually aligned with vowels (remember that vowels, because there are less of them, are considered letters that carry more power than their consonant counterparts) A and/or O in the modern alphabet.

Special Runic Associations

Ansuz is the Initiating Rune in the Cycle of Initiation. As such it tells us to consolidate and apply the cycle we have completed to create a new and appropriate foundation for the new future we are set to create. Ansuz is used in emotional healing runic groupings.

The confusion associated with Ansuz is seen in the difficulty to put this rune down to a certain association or affiliation. Whether it’s the Tarot, rune-block AnsuzNumerology, Color, or Element, Ansuz has several associations given to it. There are many of the older faiths who call this rune “The God Rune.” (The Christian affiliation to Gebo has more to do with it’s shape than anything else…Gebo is what the Christian’s call the Saint Andrews Cross.) Here the association to the God Rune is more apropos.

Ansuz signifies the changes that can happen in our lives and is the messenger of their coming. Many of the ancient mythologies (Norse, Roman, Greek, etc.) talk much of how the Gods would play in the lives of men. Whether seducing women or fooling men, the Gods showed their capricious nature. Homer’s Illiad is a perfect example of how the Gods would use the lives of men as their pawns and playthings.

In some of the older belief systems, the winds of change and chance were very much a part of their comprehension of the world. Ansuz represented the holy power and cleansing aspects of change. The change may not be comfortable, but it is coming and accepting receptive behavior is called for. Ansuz calls us to go deep within and examine honestly what it is we hold important. Change is upon us and as we react and interact with that change we change ourselves, growing and moving forward on our path to our futures.

Without Ansuz the rivers would not overflow and bring new life to the land. Without Ansuz the unpredictability of reading the rumanal would be impossible. Ansuz brings the breath of fresh air. Ansuz allows light into areas of our lives and beliefs or emotions that may not be appropriate for us anymore. Change is an essential part of life and Ansuz guarantees that change is on its way. Ansuz also speaks of the change that comes from completion. As the first of the thirteen runes in the Cycle of Initiation, Ansuz speaks of both endings and beginnings. It is when it is viewed in this aspect that the true power of Ansuz can be understood.