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The rune of Defense Eihwaz


Eihwaz “Tis a gift to be simple, Tis a gift to be free, Tis a gift to come out Where we ought to be And when we find ourselves In the place just right We’ll be in the Valley of Love and Delight When true simplicity is gained To bow and to turn We will not be ashamed To turn to turn twill be our delight And by turning, turning, we’ll come round right.”

This old Quaker Hymn does much to explain the energy behind Eihwaz. For Eihwaz counsels you to take the joys of the moment while you plan for the future. The hymn talks about being where we are supposed to be even after turning. It hints at the appropriateness of where we are in our journey, no matter where that point in our personal progress may be. Even though we are all subject to the archetypes of birth and, at some point, death. There are also other aspects of life where the archetypes run true.

Eihwaz – Defense

Eihwaz is one of Hagal’s runes

Key Word(s)

Defense, avertive powers, healing.


The element of the Earth explains the long term processes of Eihwaz quite well. The lifetime of a man is not even a blink within the span of geological time. Earth energy is patient.

Zodiac Sign

Aligned with the archer, Sagittarius, Eihwaz’s defensive posture is seen in that of the Archer. Ready to loose his arrow in defense of his stance, the Archer creates a path to his future.

Tarot Link

In the Tarot deck, it is to the Hanged Man that the energies most closely associated with Eihwaz’s are aligned. The Hanged Man hangs upside down. He is not incapable of escape, and he seems to be somewhat resigned to his fate. However, with application and effort he could remove himself from his tenuous suspension from a tree – much like the Norse God Odin when he received the Runes.


Dark Blue is associated with Eihwaz. Dark Blue was considered to be the color of day turning to night. Signifying change in life that cannot be escaped.


Contrary to its association with both Earth and New Moon energy, Eihwaz is actually a male polarity rune.

Healing Property

The healing property of Eihwaz along with the important emotional and physical healing in general is focused on the back.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Eihwaz is aligned with one of the most used letters in the English alphabet – the letter E.

Special Runic Associations

When falling in a casting, Eihwaz strengthens the meanings of other runes which land closely to it. Eihwaz speaks of movement….movement of life’s force which cannot be stopped. Eihwaz is the ninth rune in the Cycle of Initiation. Linked to movement and progress Eihwaz gives us the strength to see the accomplishment of our goals, even if they are far in the future.

Eihwaz speaks of consolidation and defense. Of being able to capitalize on what you have developed so far, but without immediate payment for the work. rune-block--EihwazEIhwaz speaks of preparation for the future, of preparing the soil to receive the fertile seed of the future. Eihwaz is also a harbinger of change that may not be wanted or appreciated. Much like the holder of a brand new law

degree has achieved a momentous accomplishment but still has a long way to go…passing the bar exam, learning his or her way through the intricacies of the legal profession, choosing the type of law to practice…all these come on good time and are part of the process of becoming an attorney. Each benchmark is important unto itself and should be celebrated, the achievement of a law degree should not be downplayed; but from graduation to practicing attorney can still be a factor of years.

Many believe that Eihwaz protects against storms – both of the weather and emotional kind. With it’s direct association with emotional healing, Eihwaz is a good rune to meditate on when moving forward from a negative relationship. Eihwaz carries the power of healing and the hope of the future. However Eihwaz carries the lesson that by our own actions we create our tomorrows.

Eihwaz counsels that the traits of perseverance, tenacity and determination should be brought in to play. Build your future each day with proper application of effort and intellect.