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The rune of Opening Kano

kanobKano is considered the Rune of Opening. Associated with light, Kano makes sure that nothing is left hidden in dark corners. Kano brings the light of the sun, the illumination of the bonfire in the darkness. Kano casts its light into the shadows and has opened new areas of life to you. Strongly associated with fire, Kano speaks about the fire within. The fires of passion whether it be artistic, romantic, or personal are sure to burn strong when Kano appears within your casting.

Donald Trump personifies the idea of passion in the business sense. Whatever his newest project is, Mr. Trump approaches it with intensity and passion. One of the messages of Kano can be — are you listening to the whispers of the fires or your passion?

Ancient man used fire as a tool. Once the method was learned, fire could be produced. Fire provided warmth. Fire provided heat for cooking. Fire provided a focal point on the communal hearth for the passing of companionable silence, or for the discussions and reenactments of the hunt of the day. Fire is active, moving, burning, twisting, twirling; transmuting the fuel into another state. Fire in its controlled form is a blessing to man. Fire can sterilize, fire can purify, fire can cleanse, fire can keep the beasts of the night from coming to close. In all its aspects, fire burns. Kano tells us that we should open ourselves to our passions, but control them lest we be burnt.

Kano – Opening

Kano (a.k.a Kaunaz) is a member of Freyr’s Aett

Key Word(s)

Keywords for Kano are Opening, Bonfire, Illumination, Torch, and Fire.


Kano is the receptive energy of water. A child’s game of dropping marbles into a pan of water shows how receptive water is. The marbles plop to the bottom of the pan hardly changing speed. If enough marbles are added, the level of the water can be seen to rise. This is the open receptiveness of water and Kano.

Zodiac Sign

Kano is aligned with the Western Zodiac sign of the ram, Aries.

Tarot Link

In the Tarot Deck, Kano is aligned with The Chariot. With light to show you the way, it is easy to move in the right direction.


Only flame red would do for the color aligned with the rune of passion! Kano and flame red have been linked through the ages.


Female receptive energy is at work when Kano arrives in your cast.

Healing Property

Kano’s healing properties are best used when healing such ailments as abscesses, ulcers, cysts and boils and the fevers associated with them.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Kano is related to the phonetic “ka” sound, aligned with the letters C, K and Q.

Special Runic Associations

Kano, the rune of opening and receptive energy is found in both the Physical Healing and the Protection Runic Groupings.

Kano is opening. Kano is the ultimate in feminine energy. Kano is femininity itself, even in visual representation. When Kano appears in your spread you know that being open to possibilities and potentials is all you need to do. The opening, the chance, will be coming to you. You just need to apply your energy to create the flames of creation.

rune-block-KanoWhen Kano appears it is time to look around – a new person (or a partner in an existing relationship) may be bringing the fuels to fire your passions. Or, it could mean that you have reached a new “lighting” (or, if you will, “enlightenment”) and are ready to bring that light to shine in your love life. It most often is seen in a romantic context, but the fire of Kano can fuel other ventures that one feels passionate about as well. With an idea or project you are passionate about, practical application of effort – because you’ll have plenty of energy for something you’re passionate about — and the kind helpful energy of Kano, success is definitely indicated.

Many students of the Runes wear Kano for its well known protective qualities. Some modern students of the rumenal associate Kano with athematics because the glyph for Kano is also the same for the “greater than” symbol when writing mathematic equations. This “greater than” philosophy can be applied to the Rune as well. Through the fires of passion and allowing light into the dark places of our lives we can become greater than we are now.