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The rune of Journey Raido

raidobRaido speaks to us of the ending of a journey. Whether it is the journey within or a physical journey you embarked on, you now can see the value in your efforts. Raido reminds us that the path we walk in life is a journey of the body, a journey of the mind, and a journey of the soul. Each (body, mind or soul) may respond to stimuli differently, but they are all separate aspects of the entirety of the self. The body provides the stimulus for the mind. The soul directs the mind to a higher course. The mind incorporates the stimulus of the body and the directives of the soul to create the journey of life.

Communication is another meaning assigned to Raido. It’s not chance that Radio uses the same letters – in fact the only change is the transposition of the i and the d. The radio is the ultimate symbol of modern communication. I doubt that Mr. Marconi ever thought we’d have wireless internet, but he sure had vision and created a medium that has evolved to allow us just that luxury. However, Raido normally means the communication at issue is that with the inner self. Rarely does it include outside communications coming to you that are of import to the inner self, but primarily this is a rune of introspection.

Raido – Journey

Raido belongs to the Aett of Freyr

Key Word(s)

A journey, riding, communication, motion, travel, and wheel are all key words associated with Raido.


The elements of water and air are both aligned with this rune. Remember that water teaches us to go with the flow, while air reminds us to leave space for growth, change and development.

Zodiac Sign

The duality of Raido (remember, it takes “two” for communication to occur – a sender must send to a receiver who receives) is signified by the alliance with Gemini, the Zodiac sign of the Twins.

Tarot Link

With its requirement of an inner journey and communication with the inner (some call higher) self, it is no surprise to see that it is the Hierophant to whom Raido is aligned.


Raido, communication, is associated with the color red.


Raido is the active force of communication…the sender…the masculine polarity in the communicative act.

Healing Property

With it’s allegiance to travel, Raido lends its considerable healing energy best to the legs and gluteal muscles. As you are walking out the pins and needles in your legs from riding too long in your car which has shocks and a passenger compartment and fully padded ergonomically designed seat, imagine what the poor horseman who spent all day in the saddle must feel.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Raido’s modern counterpart is the letter R.

Special Runic Associations

Raido is the Eleventh Rune in the Cycle of Initiation. Through the communication with the inner self which results in the journey of the soul, we prepare ourselves for the future we are now creating.

rune-block-RaidoWithin its construct, Raido contains Wunjo (joy). Raido invites us to find the joy of going within ourselves. Raido invites us to continue on the journey of the Cycle of Initiation. Through communication with our inner voice, our inner self, our universal essence, we achieve a state of internal joy that need not be tended to by others. We become joyful within ourself. Raido can indicate a period of aloneness where we have to focus on our internal self, distancing ourselves from those who have influence over us. Hence the journey.

The wisdom of Raido is to continue on your journey of growth and connection with the inner self. You may have to face some of your greatest fears. You may have to open the musty closets of your memory and allow yourself the healing journey of reviewing the past for it’s lessons before gently letting go of the negative associations while remembering the learning and growth received.

Raido reminds us that all good things come to he (or she) who waits. Raido cautions patience. As we understand ourselves better we have to incorporate the lessons as we walk our path. Patience grants great rewards to those who learn her lesson. To learn the lesson of patience one must travel within to find their center. Without that centering, patience can turn into stagnation. Be receptive, but remember movement is required for the journey to continue. Make a forward step. Be daring. Find your inner journey to guide your outer steps.