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The Hermit

The contemplative young man, clothed in robes of many layers indicating strict adherence. Their many layers protect him from the vagaries of the world as he hides within himself as indicated by his closed eyes. His head is surrounded by the rays of knowledge brought by self-introspection, the higher self connecting with the divine. His face, though contemplative, projects a sense of serenity. The knot work that surrounds the window scrolls in an infinitive design around the window.

The Hermit speaks to us across the eons with the Voice of the Oracle of Delphi. Before consulting one of the greatest sages of their era (although there were numerous Oracles) everyone – Ceaser or slave – walked beneath the words “Know Thyself.” Shakespeare reflected the same attitude with his “to thine own self be true.”

The Hermit tells you to go within. When he appears in your spread he is telling you to listen to your inner voice and make your choice from your own knowledge and understanding. Don’t let others talk you into something you don’t want to do. The Hermit also teaches us the great lessons of acrifice. Equivalent exchange, nothing is free, there is always a price of some form that is paid. The caution of the Hermit may be that you are keeping too much to yourself and it is time to open up and let it someone else in…just be judicious in your choice!

Minor Arcana


Ruled by the element of Water


Ruled by the element of Air

(also known as Spades)


Ruled by the element of Fire

(also known as Wands)


Ruled by the element of Earth

(also known as Pentacles)

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