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The Lovers

Here a beautiful young couple sit entwined, covered by the bedding they apparently have shared. The faces of the couple are thoughtful and pensive. By the nonchalant lay of the woman’s hand we can see that neither of the lovers is focused on their partner, they are each lost in their own thoughts. The rich tapestries behind the couple show the richness of life in their variety. The rich carpet at their feet completes the picture of comfort. However, even in all this richness and having just sated carnal desires, the Lovers are pensive and unconnected.

Of course the obvious meaning of this card is Lovers. The rich tapestries and obvious health and vigor of the couple allude to the additional meanings associated with the Lovers such as perfection and beauty. What is not seen is just as important. The aspects of trust, optimism, and harmony are also primary aspects of this card. The lovers can mean that a new relationship is coming your way, or it could mean that there is an underlying unhappiness in your current situation. Whether entering or leaving a relationship we test the other person. It is natural to test to establish trust. It is natural to push and test a person when the relationship is falling apart. Remember the pensive look of the Lovers before entering into their Realm, there is much to consider in a romantic commitment.

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