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The Star

Here we see a beautiful woman, almost Lady Godivaish with her flowing hair and revealing veils. Her eyes are cast skyward to the stars above her. Water flows from the urn in her arm over her fingers and into the waters below. In the glow of The Star’s reflection, fish jump and play in the waters of life.

“Star light, star bright; first star I see tonight, I wish
I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish

When the Star appears in your spread she is reaching out to you bestowing the gifts of faith, inspiration and hope no matter what thecircumstances. The Star brings us the hope of anew beginning, a new way of being. She reachesacross the heavens to remind us that much ofwhat we call “bad luck” is actually negative energy we have created for ourselves by overly forceful action or lack of proper action. The Star, by looking up, reminds us that there is a power higher than ourselves that does respond to our hopes and dreams, should we voice them appropriately. If making your dream come true seems like an impossibility, study The Star for inspiration for a new way of thinking and a new approach!

Minor Arcana


Ruled by the element of Water


Ruled by the element of Air

(also known as Spades)


Ruled by the element of Fire

(also known as Wands)


Ruled by the element of Earth

(also known as Pentacles)

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