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The World

A woman hangs suspended in space. Her head is wreathed in mistletoe and fire. She looks warmly out from the card, unafraid to look you right in the eye. On her arms are birds that appear at peace. Around her ankle is the snake, long associated with knowledge and proper use of the intellect. She is a woman serene in her position and in control of her life. She is mistress of her inner and outer self. From her feet to her head she has achieved her perfection.

The World is the last of the Major Arcana. The World symbolizes the completion of the journey that was begun by the Innocent Fool, twenty-two cards ago. While the Fool represented the beginning of the path of discovery, The World represents the culmination of an endeavor. She is depicted in mid-stride as if she is going to step right out of the card. She shows us how we can achieve the rewards of our labors. She shows us that to relax and enjoy our achievements is a natural respite – before moving forward into another journey on your life’s path. If The World makes you uncomfortable to look at, maybe you should look to the choices and weaknesses you have allowed to keep you from creating the world you want for yourself! The ultimate depiction of what my Mom used to say: “Take what you get and be happy with it.” What Mom always inferred by her tone was what you were getting was what you created! This can be the message of the World in your spread today.

Minor Arcana


Ruled by the element of Water


Ruled by the element of Air

(also known as Spades)


Ruled by the element of Fire

(also known as Wands)


Ruled by the element of Earth

(also known as Pentacles)

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