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The Suit of Coins (Pentacles)

This is another suit who has had their name mutated over the years. Long recognized by cartomancers as the suit of Pentacles, a softer and less threatening association is made when the suit is called “coins”. The debate still rages in cartomancy circles as to whether the suit of clubs or diamonds are the modern extension of the old associations. Our belief is that because diamonds have been recognized as the ultimate sign of richness and monetary success, the diamonds are kith and kin to the suit of Coins.

The Coins are aligned with earth energy. Think of it this way, coins are made from metal, metal comes from the earth. Through the transformation of the raw material of the earth into the coin for a pouch, metal represents earth energy. By extension, the use of any money (paper money comes from the earth too – remember, trees are plants, plants grow in the earth, etc.) in a way is a recognition of the bountiful treasures of earth energy.

Earth energy, like all elemental energies, has traps that are easy to fall in to. If you don’t have any coins in your spread at all, are you avoiding acting responsibly? Are you letting your financial stability go because of inattention? If you have a spread full of coins questions such as: Am I hording my goods rather than sharing in my bounty? Or, Am I not giving back enough for the bounty I have received? These questions should be prominent on your mind.

Although we are spiritual beings on a human path, we have to exist in this dimension. We have to eat, sleep, drink, in order to survive. It is an intrinsic part of the nature of something living – to preserve life. Even as we face our challenges and move forward into new stages of being we must do so with an eye towards the material existence.

The ancient allegations of the pentacle still should be viewed when considering the meaning of the suit of Coins. The pentacle is nothing more than a five-pointed star. Long held to be an alchemical symbol for the five senses of man or the five extremities of the human body and the five lchemical elements of nature.

Through the journey of the suit of Coins we can see the many positive and negative aspects of the material world and how we interrelate with it. The Coins speak to your desire for personal physical comfort. The Coins talk about success and achievement. The Coins talk of commerce and investment. The coins talk about building a secure financial foundation from which you can launch your dreams – whatever they manifest to be in your mind and inner heart.

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