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The Nines are ruled by the Hermit. They each bring a substantial and long lasting expansion of the element. Each of the nines express the search for inner guidance.

The Nine is the number of eternal law. Even the shape of the number expresses it’s symbology. The weight of the number balances on the initiating or terminating point at the bottom. The nine is the perfect trine. One plus one plus one equals three. Three plus three plus three equals nine. Nine is a number of perfection.

The Kabalsitic Link of the Number 9 is Yesod, Storehouse of Images, the Foundation. Yesod is the receptacle of the emanations of all the other Sephiroth and the transmitter of these to the physical plane. It is the function of Yesod to purify these emanations and correct them when necessary before they are passed down into the earth plane of Malkuth. In Yesod there is the energy of integration, which coordinates the physical molecules and cells into definite organisms. Living creatures, plants, and even minerals are its products, though the images are still in the prephysical state.Yesod is also the sphere of Maya – illusion, magic, and psychism as distinguished from the religious mysticism of Tiphareth. This is the Sephirah we first encounter when we try to rise above the purely physical – Malkuth. It is, in a sense, the great subconscious filled from time immemorial with images that we may encounter in our first attempts at meditation.

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Ruled by the element of Water


Ruled by the element of Air

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Ruled by the element of Earth

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