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The Sevens are aligned with the Chariot, and indicate that it is a time to move forward from a place, position, situation or way of thinking. This movement normally requires commitment and self-discipline.

The Sevens speak to the individual application of the suit in which it resides. The Sevens speak of a maturation of the element to your own individual style and path.

The Seven is the number of spirituality, mysticism, and unconditional love. Those who have several in their spread should look to how they are actually avoiding the flow of bounty because of stubborn attitudes. If all four sevens appear in a spread, it is a strong indication that challenges that need to be overcome are present. With all four sevens it is also indicative that inaction is part of what created the challenges to begin with.

The Kabalistic Link of the Number 7 is Netzach, Victory, Force, Venus – Aphrodite. The victory here is the victory of true achievement. Netzach represents force. On the lower plane, Chokmah on the higher. This Sephirah contains two ideas: one, force or power as represented by Mars and, two, the beauty of Venus. Their connection is exemplified in the old myth of the love between Mars and Venus. Netzach is also the sphere of the artist, who expresses the emotions and instincts in sound and color. Here, in number 7 (and again in Number 8), we again have a pair of opposites – Netzach, the artist in us; and Hod, the scientist. The force of Netzach needs the form of Hod in order to express, and they both pour their energy into Yesod.

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